Thursday, October 15, 2015

Utilization of peanut shell

About seventy percent of peanut shell is cellulose, cattles and sheep can digest it and get nutrition. Thirty percent of the shell is lignin, first use nitric acid to degrade, and then add some bacteria from the Arthrobacter, yeast and some amino acids, then the feed can be made. It appears to be competitive. Besides, many farms will also buy certain amount of peanut shells for livestock breeding.

Peanut Shell
Peanut Shell
Peanut shell powder can also be made into composite materials with polyolefin. The source of raw material is rich and the price is low, a new field of plastic substituting wood is opened up. It is of great significance for the material shortage. It has tension and compression strength and can be used in the ordinary furniture and building materials, doors and windows instead of wood. Peanut shell is also an important raw material for making Di aldehyde and furfuryl alcohol.

The above is the knowledge of peanut shell, if you have any questions, welcome to inquire. For more information, please visit our peanut machine website.

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