Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hot sale peanut roaster

The peanut roaster is used to roast nuts like peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, coffee beans, cashews and so on with high automation and low production cost. The materials being roasted would not have direct connection with the smoke while roasting. Thus, the quality, color and flavor of roasted materials are guaranteed effectively. The peanut roaster also has the advantages of good ventilation, water vapor and dust can be easily excluded.

Peanut Roaster

Heating type:Electricity
220V,60HZ,single phase
Thickness of pan plate:3mm
Texture of material:all stainless steel

Features of the hot sale peanut roaster:
1. All kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
2. Low manpower cost,one person can achieve.
3. High efficient and low price.
4. Heating ways: electric, gas and diesel.
5. It can roast in totally closed environment, adopts preserving heat material layer.

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Adjustment and soaking order of peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeling machine adopts triangle belt for transmission. After being used for a period of time, the new belt will be gradually stretched and relaxed due to the tension, so regularly check for the tension of the drive belt and the clearance of connecting parts is quite necessary, then timely adjustment can be made.

Soaking order and time of peanut peeling machine. The relationship of soaking order and time is a technology pivot in the process. Practice shows that the optimal soaking order and time is that cold soak for 30 minutes first, and then hot soak for 2 ~ 4 minutes to make the peanuts cold inside and hot outside, the moisture is saturated and the peels expand affected by the heat and tend to fall off. Thus, it is easy to peeling.

DTW-180 peanut peeling machine is the ideal equipment for removal of peanut red skin and almond skin. After peeled, mainly used for process fried peanuts, peanut milk (milk), almond peanut protein powder, almond juice.

Feature for wet peanut peeling machine
1. It can remove the skin of peanuts/soybean/almond/chicpeas off easily and gently like human hand.
2. High peeling rate. High whole kernel rate. No pollution.
3. Peanut peeling machine can peel bigger chicpeas, almond also.
4. Peeled peanut/chicpeas/almond are used for frying.

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