Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Peanut peeling machine

1. Peanut peeling machine (wet method)

The peanut peeling machine is the special equipment for peeling peanut with wet processing. It can be used with fried peanut production line or for single use. The peanut peeling machine is widely used for previous peeling of fried, flavored peanuts, peanut protein milk, eight-treasure porridge, sauce peanuts and canned products. There is an unique deslagging device, individual small particles after peeling and finished products can be separated automatically and discharged out of the machine, which avoid too many impurities in the frying process and the frying oil pollution. After peeling, peanuts are white without broken, brown stain on the surface or protein denaturation. Peanut kernels and shells can be separated automatically and discharged during peeling process.

Peanut Wet Peeling Machine

2, peanut peeling machine (dry method)
Peanut peeling machine of dry method uses the roll driven by the motor to rub red skin of peanut to achieve the purpose of peeling. The peanut peeling machine has the advantages of simple operation, low failure rate, good peeling effect, less damage to the peanuts and suitable for peanut processing plant. It is the best-selling product in domestic market and has been exported to Southeast Asia, South America, North Africa and Middle East international market and widely praised by the majority of users. The peanut peeling machine is mainly applied to the early peeling of peanut butter, peanut milk, pastry food and other products. The machine is equipped with a suction device and vibrating screen, the dust suction device can suck the red skin of peanut and the vibrating screen can effectively remove peanut germs, thereby separating into ideal peanut half grain.

Peanut Dry Peeling Machine

Advantages of peanut peeling machine:
1. High peeling rate of peanut red skin equal or greater than 95%;
2. Dry peeling, no need of water, no pollution to the environment;
3. Less damage to peanuts;
4. Compact structure and small floor area;
5. Stable performance, practical, safe, easy maintenance and operation.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Customer from Malaysia ordered our peanut butter production line

Peanut butter processing line
Peanut Butter Processing Line

On May 20, 2016, our Malaysian customer ordered the peanut butter production line with the output of 100kg per hour from our company. After receiving the machine, the customer expressed his satisfaction about the quality and operation of the peanut butter production line. He said that peanut butter produced by the peanut butter production line can meet all his demands and the working efficiency is also desirable. 

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dubai customer ordered three sets of peanut butter machine

Our customer from Dubai, UAE ordered three sets of Model 70 stainless steel peanut butter machine, mixer and filling machine from our company on April 19, 2016. After receiving the machines, the customer said that he was quite satisfied with our machines as well as our services after using the peanut butter machine, mixer and filling machine for a period of time. He said that he would like to purchase more equipment from our company after enlarging the scale of production and establish a long term cooperation with our company.

Friday, July 15, 2016

American client ordered KL-01 peanut roasting machine

On May 20, 2016, the client from America ordered the model KL-01 peanut roasting machine from our company. After receiving and using the peanut roasting machine for a period of time, the client showed his satisfaction about the operating effect of the peanut roaster. He said that the peanut roasting machine was totally beyond his expectation and can meet all his production requirements. Later, he would purchase other equipment from our company.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Commercial groundnut roasting machine

This groundnut roasting machine is the special roasting equipment, which can be used to fry peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, melon seeds, etc., the operation is simple, the taste is unique, very popular at home and abroad. It has rotary drum, adopts heat conduction and heat radiation as principle. The heat efficiency of groundnut roasting machine is high to meet the temperature needs of different roasted food. The roasted food tastes good and it can save power and time.

Groundnut Roasting Machine

Features of groundnut roasting machine:
1. This groundnut roasting machine is used for roasting different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips, etc.
2. All kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
3. Low manpower cost, one person can achieve.
4. With high efficient and low price.
5. Adopting copper wire motor, with low noise and long service life.
6. Compact structure and easy to operate.

We are a professional manufacturer of groundnut roasting machine in China. Our products have been exported to Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia, etc. We have gained good reputation in product quality, delivery, packaging, after-service and other aspects.

Peanut roasting machine for sale

The peanut roasting machine is used widely in drying and roasting various kinds of beans, nuts, and seeds, i.e. peanut, almond, walnut, beans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, etc. It adopts electricity or gas as heating source. The machine is made of stainless steel, clean, safe and human power saving in producing. The roasted products are with good color and flavor and can be easily stored and making snacks.

Peanut Roasting Machine

Features of peanut roasting machine:
1. Environmental protection: No combustion emissions, little heat radiation of external heat, low noise, to overturn the traditional 'hot kitchen' open era electromagnetic cold kitchen.
2. High Efficiency: electromagnetic induction heating to high frequency eddy current heating effects direct heating bath body energy concentration, no heat loss, heat efficiency than the traditional flame furnace by 30% -50%, saving about 45% power compared with traditional way of heating..
3. It is convenient to be out of pot, only by pressing the clockwise and reverse switch the roasted food can be out of pot and sieve and separate without manual separation.
4. It heats by indirect hot air instead of direct fire, along with an automatic temperature control, so that it ensures an evenly heating, and a good roasting result.

We one of the largest peanut roasting machine manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience and combine developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of peanut roasting machine. We provide all kinds of peanut roasting machine for home, commercial and industrial use.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Peanut Cutting Machine

Peanut cutting machine is the new peanut and sesame cutting equipment developed by our factory. It is composed of feeding, elevating, slicing and vibration separation. The peanut cutting machine can be used to slice and separate all kinds of granular, sheet and strip material such as sesame, peanut, soybean, medicinal herbs, etc. The biggest advantage of peanut cutting machine is the high yield and no greasy after slicing. Contact material part, vibrating screen and frames are all made of stainless steel. Vibrating screen is the flat screen with four discharging mouth. It can be divided into 2-4.5 mm in diameter and powder. Cable with thread groove is safe and beautiful and the welding lines are smooth and beautiful. The particles are uniform without strip.

Features of peanut cutting machine
No oil is produced in extruding, standard grading, high finished product rate, even particle size, is the most ideal equipment currently.

Peanut Slicing Machine
Peanut Chopping Machine

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Coating Pan, Coating Pan Machine

The coating pan is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry, it is the special coating equipment for production of chocolate, candy, peanuts, tablet and so on. The coating pan has the features of smooth movement, low noise and zero pollution. Food processed by this equipment have smooth and shiny surface, which can meet the export processing standards.

Advantages of coating pan:
1 Coating and fast drying can be realized at the same time with clever design and small size.
2 The operation is simple. The feeding and cleaning of coating pan is convenient with high efficiency.
3 The coating pan adopts imported spray gun (optional), which is easy to operate and grasp, flexible control technology requirements with excellent atomization effect and evenly spray.
4 Unique half hole and pot body design helps to reduce the wear of the tablet core and coating film, improves the rate of finished products, thus taking into account the drying efficiency and the protection of the coating film.
5 1~2 pot body with different specifications can be configured separately. The replaceable pot body is more adaptable to meet the needs of customers.

Operation skills of coating pan
1. In the pause of spray during the coating process, the operator only need to close the valve below the liquid cup. When continue to spray liquid,

just open the valve below the liquid cup.
2. In the operation of the machine, check the quality of the tablet coating from time to time to make corresponding adjustment.
3. When using the machine for polishing, drying and coating, just remove the stand and the spray gun.
4. When using the machine for powder pelletizing, besides removing the stand and spray gun, the operator should also remove the blowing device.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sesame Washing Machine, Sesame Seeds Cleaning Machine

The sesame washing machine is made of stainless steel with advantages of good cleaning effect, fast, automatic dehydration after washing, etc. It can remove the stones, mud, chaff, dust and any other impurities from the sesame seeds efficiently.

The equipment above can also be used alone according to customers’ requirements.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to use the peanut shelling machine

Now more and more farmers begin to use peanut shelling machine. Therefore, some of them can not make full use the machine’s capacity due to not mastering how to use peanut shelling machine. It not only has bad performance of shelling with low efficiency, but also is easy to injure worker. The author would like to introduce how to use the peanut shelling machine.
 Peanut Shelling Machine
6BK-3500 Peanut Shelling Machine

1. The requirement for the peanut shelling machine. The machine should has clean shelling, high efficiency and are equipped with the cleaning device with high degree of cleaning; low loss rate, small breaking rate; simple structure, reliable, easy to adjust, less energy consumption and a certain kind of universality. It can be used for shelling of varied crops, to improve the utilization rate of machine.

2. The requirement for the peanut (with shell). The peanut should be not too dry or too wet. If they are too dry, the breaking rate is high; if they are too wet, it will affect the work efficiency. There are several ways to get the proper moisture content of material.
1).shelling in winter. Before shelling, use about 10kg warm water to spread on about 50kg peanut, and cover the peanut with plastic film( in other season, 6 hours for covering is ok). Then put the peanut under the sunshine for drying about 1 hour before shelling.

2). put the drying peanut into the water pond, fish out them after soaking, then cover the peanut by plastic film for about one day. Then put the peanut under the sunshine for drying, shelling the peanut before they are proper in moisture content.   

Since founding, KMEC of He Nan province has always based on the high quality to manufacture the good quality peanut machine to provide the continuous assistance to the peanut food processing manufacture.

Peanut shelling machine video 
The points need to note when using the peanut sheller
Utilization of peanut shell
Introduction and instructions of the peanut shelling machine

The points need to note when using the peanut sheller

1,The moving parts of peanut sheller adopt triangle belt transmission. New belt would be stretched and get loose gradually due to the tension after using for a period of time. Thus, adjustment of belt should be made according to the situation so as not to affect the rotating speed of peanut sheller.

2,The bearing of peanut sheller should be checked timely. Once wear or oil starvation is found, the operator should refuel or replace the bearing timely.

3,In the operation of peanut sheller, temperature variation of some parts should be noticed, especially when the working voltage is lower (lower than 380v). The temperature of the motor can't be more than 60 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the bearing should not be more than 25 degrees Celsius. Once excessive temperature is found, the operator should find out the reason timely and eliminate it.

4,Before starting the peanut sheller, the operator should check the fastening bolt of each part. Tighten the bolt timely if it is loose. Special attention should be paid to the parts with high rotation speed, such as the upper and lower fan blade. Note whether there is wear or fracture in the fan blade and whether there is wear or deformation in the external reinforcement plate of blade. Once problem is found, the operator should make timely repair or replacement; the hoisting shaft of sorting sieve and the joint of eccentric shaft and sorting sieve should be checked carefully.

Video of peanut shelling machine working

Our company is one of the earliest enterprises in production of peanut machinery, we have been continuously improving our technology strength, production process and product quality over the years to provide customers with the most advanced technology and best quality products. Welcome customers to negotiate and cooperate!

Utilization of peanut shell
Introduction and instructions of the peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine,Peanut Shell Removing Machine
Reason for the low shelling rate of peanut peeling machine

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hot sale peanut roaster

The peanut roaster is used to roast nuts like peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, coffee beans, cashews and so on with high automation and low production cost. The materials being roasted would not have direct connection with the smoke while roasting. Thus, the quality, color and flavor of roasted materials are guaranteed effectively. The peanut roaster also has the advantages of good ventilation, water vapor and dust can be easily excluded.

Peanut Roaster

Heating type:Electricity
220V,60HZ,single phase
Thickness of pan plate:3mm
Texture of material:all stainless steel

Features of the hot sale peanut roaster:
1. All kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
2. Low manpower cost,one person can achieve.
3. High efficient and low price.
4. Heating ways: electric, gas and diesel.
5. It can roast in totally closed environment, adopts preserving heat material layer.

We are a professional peanut machine manufacturer in China with years of experience. We provide all kinds of peanut machine with excellent quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our peanut machine, please feel free to contact us.

Adjustment and soaking order of peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeling machine adopts triangle belt for transmission. After being used for a period of time, the new belt will be gradually stretched and relaxed due to the tension, so regularly check for the tension of the drive belt and the clearance of connecting parts is quite necessary, then timely adjustment can be made.

Soaking order and time of peanut peeling machine. The relationship of soaking order and time is a technology pivot in the process. Practice shows that the optimal soaking order and time is that cold soak for 30 minutes first, and then hot soak for 2 ~ 4 minutes to make the peanuts cold inside and hot outside, the moisture is saturated and the peels expand affected by the heat and tend to fall off. Thus, it is easy to peeling.

DTW-180 peanut peeling machine is the ideal equipment for removal of peanut red skin and almond skin. After peeled, mainly used for process fried peanuts, peanut milk (milk), almond peanut protein powder, almond juice.

Feature for wet peanut peeling machine
1. It can remove the skin of peanuts/soybean/almond/chicpeas off easily and gently like human hand.
2. High peeling rate. High whole kernel rate. No pollution.
3. Peanut peeling machine can peel bigger chicpeas, almond also.
4. Peeled peanut/chicpeas/almond are used for frying.

KMEC is the earliest manufactures to develop, design and produce the peanut machine equipment in China . Welcome to consult and purchase our products.