Friday, June 24, 2016

Commercial groundnut roasting machine

This groundnut roasting machine is the special roasting equipment, which can be used to fry peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, melon seeds, etc., the operation is simple, the taste is unique, very popular at home and abroad. It has rotary drum, adopts heat conduction and heat radiation as principle. The heat efficiency of groundnut roasting machine is high to meet the temperature needs of different roasted food. The roasted food tastes good and it can save power and time.

Groundnut Roasting Machine

Features of groundnut roasting machine:
1. This groundnut roasting machine is used for roasting different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips, etc.
2. All kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
3. Low manpower cost, one person can achieve.
4. With high efficient and low price.
5. Adopting copper wire motor, with low noise and long service life.
6. Compact structure and easy to operate.

We are a professional manufacturer of groundnut roasting machine in China. Our products have been exported to Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia, etc. We have gained good reputation in product quality, delivery, packaging, after-service and other aspects.

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