Thursday, June 16, 2016

Coating Pan, Coating Pan Machine

The coating pan is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry, it is the special coating equipment for production of chocolate, candy, peanuts, tablet and so on. The coating pan has the features of smooth movement, low noise and zero pollution. Food processed by this equipment have smooth and shiny surface, which can meet the export processing standards.

Advantages of coating pan:
1 Coating and fast drying can be realized at the same time with clever design and small size.
2 The operation is simple. The feeding and cleaning of coating pan is convenient with high efficiency.
3 The coating pan adopts imported spray gun (optional), which is easy to operate and grasp, flexible control technology requirements with excellent atomization effect and evenly spray.
4 Unique half hole and pot body design helps to reduce the wear of the tablet core and coating film, improves the rate of finished products, thus taking into account the drying efficiency and the protection of the coating film.
5 1~2 pot body with different specifications can be configured separately. The replaceable pot body is more adaptable to meet the needs of customers.

Operation skills of coating pan
1. In the pause of spray during the coating process, the operator only need to close the valve below the liquid cup. When continue to spray liquid,

just open the valve below the liquid cup.
2. In the operation of the machine, check the quality of the tablet coating from time to time to make corresponding adjustment.
3. When using the machine for polishing, drying and coating, just remove the stand and the spray gun.
4. When using the machine for powder pelletizing, besides removing the stand and spray gun, the operator should also remove the blowing device.

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