Friday, September 11, 2015

KZ-50L Peanut Roasting Machine

Multi-purpose peanut roasting machine is mainly used to roast or dry peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds,beans, beans, seeds and other granular materials.

Peanut Roasting

Technical Data of Peanut Roaster:

The advantage of  automatic sunflower seeds roasting machine
1.This best price peanut roaster Machine has electricity heating type and gas/coal heating type.
2. The roaster adopt stainless steel to ensure hygiene of roasted material
3. Energy-saving :Adopt integrated pan, preserve heat to radiate outwards. Heat efficiency can reach over 95%, can save over 45% power consumption than traditional roasting machine.
4. Time-saving and electricity-saving:  Our roaster can reach over 200℃ in 30s. It consumes 0.6kw to roast 5kg sunflower seeds, 0.55kw to roast 5kg sesame seeds.

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