Friday, September 18, 2015

KZ-100W Peanut Roasting Machine

1.This peanut nut roaster has electricity heating type and gas/coal heating type.

2.This peanut nut roaster  adopt unique horizontal roller structure, uniform heating, good sealing, and stew fried particularly effective. At the same time the structure has been improved this year, the back cover can be opened, so that maintenance and repair is very convenient.

3. peanut nut roaster with gas heating is equipped with energy saving stove, adjustable of fire size. with electric heating has temperature controller, the temperature can be adjusted

4. peanut nut roaster Within the outer cylinder made of high quality laminated asbestos as insulation material, good insulation properties, high thermal efficiency. Can guarantee the temperature needs to adapt to a variety of roasted seeds and nuts, the fried foods taste good. Saving electricity and time-saving.

 Peanut Roasting Machine

Operation of peanut roaster
Operational details should be concerned before using of peanut roaster machine and during the operation, which ensures the service life and good effect of the roaster.

1. Clean up the remaining slag at the bottom of the roaster before starting which prevent the blocked fire bar from affecting the heat time.

Peanut Roaster Machine

2. Do examine the display tube of oil at the expansion tank before starting the fire, to ensure that the oil level are 20mm higher than the bottom of the glass tube. It is necessary to supply the heat transfer oil when the oil level is not up to the requirements.

3. After the fire is on, the high temperature pump should be stated to improve the recycling speed of heat transfer oil. when the temperature of roaster is up to 80°C press the butter of corotation drum which make the drum in the working statement to prevent the high temperature deformation.

4. The oil temperature of roaster should be controlled at 290-300°C, the temperature should be controlled through open and close the fuel door. When the oil temperature is higher than 300℃, the fuel door should be opened for reducing the temperature; when the oil temperature is lower than 290°C, close the fuel door for raising temperature. The oil temperature should not be over 300°C to prevent t5.hat the heat transfer oil is up to the boiling point.

5. During the roistering, the working temperature for milky wait peanut is 180°C, the time for it is 20-25 minutes. For the red skin peanut, the working temperature is 200-220°C, the roistering time is 60-70 minutes, the peanut kernel of roasting temperature is 200-220, the time for it is 70-80 minutes. Due to different moisture content, the operators should be roasted 1-2 times for estimate the figures before group production.

6. The feeding mouth, discharging mouth, air outlet should all be closed when the fire is on for heating which ensure the working temperature of roaster. After feeding materials, the valve of discharging air should be open for easy discharging the moist air.

7. For feeding material for the roaster, each of the drum should have 10-15 time for interval, to prevent the discharging at the same time which affect the quality of roaster peanut.

8. If the power is off during the roister process, rotate the reverse handle instantly for discharging which prevent the peanut from burnt.

9. When the work finished, it is necessary to stop heat which fall down the temperature of oil temperature and roaster. At the time of 80°C of the oil temperature, the recycle pump should be stopped; when the temperature of roster fall down to 80°C, the drum should be stopped to prevent from static high temperature deformation. 

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