Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reason for the low shelling rate of peanut peeling machine

Peanut sheeling machine is used from peanut, almond, bean skin is the ideal efficient equipment. Peanut production lines can be used for frying and supporting the production of large manufacturers. This machine also may use in to escape the big almond, broad bean's cover. This machine is easy to operate, high output, peeling and clean, peeling rate over 98%, no damage, no broken.

Peanut wet peeling machine

Peanut wet peeling machine

Peanut Peeling Machine

Peanut wet peeling machine

There are many reasons for the low peeling rate of cold way of peanut peeling machine. Generally, it contains four reasons:
1.Less soaking time, low water temperature, various textures of raw material.
2.Damage of the cutter or the part around the cutter frame are blocked
3.The feeding wheel is too high
4.The clearance of the discharging wheel is too big or the rubber wheel is wearing heavily.

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